Month: December 2018


The Rape Culture

“The Rape Culture”Excerpts From the Upcoming Book “Pieces of Reality”By Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone Gather round let’s take a selfie!Now that she is dead, we have converged online to protest and write eulogies of no value to the deceased. Nice!Why are we always waiting for disaster to strike before we get proactive?Truth is, our society is […]


Fire and Ice

“Fire and Ice”Excerpts from the Upcoming Book: Pieces Of RealityBy Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone I’ve had a fair share of hypocritical condemnation heaped upon me by Christianity. I once worked as a dedicated servant of God (isn’t that what they call it?), in His supposed vineyard for over five years. What did I get?A disgraceful expulsion […]

True Life Stories

True Life Stories: Ala Nwanyi Asaba

Bizarre activities thriving behind closed doors in Asaba, Delta has continued to elicit pains and shocking experiences. In the last three years, desperate and high spirit for money making among the youths of Asaba including top businessmen across the country, portends horrendous sorrows; an aftermath of their involvement in “high power rituals” with a view […]

Stage Plays

A Story of AISHA

AISHA Written M.W.G   Aisha was the kind of girl who, if cleaned up really well, would look quite pleasant to the eye, much like the girls who walked into the eatery in groups wearing replica designer tops and second-hand jeans, and quietly ordered fufu, the cheapest heavy meal available. She, however, worked in the […]

Stage Plays

Voiceless: A Play Review

Compliments of the Season to you all.Today, we will be reviewing The Play Sabi:Voiceless.Written by Ibi Kontein and Directed by Dan Kpodoh.Sabi:Voiceless, which took place at the Law Auditorium in Rivers State University of Science and Technology, tells the Story of  a closet Gay Pastor (Pastor Ajayi), his family and church member. He has been […]

Fruits & Vegetables Health

Health Benefits of Apples

1. Radiance booster Treat your skin to a refreshing at-home green-apple mask. The fruit helps replenish moisture, and its acids smooth fine lines, explains Karen Behnke, founding partner of Juice Beauty in San Rafael, California. Recipe: In a blender, pure 1 chopped green apple (skin included) with 1/2 cup sliced green grapes; add 1 tablespoon […]

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