Month: March 2019

Featured Literature


TITANIC Written By: Romeoux Chrysta I have a million memories of my childhood. If these memories were shells on a beach, I am sure they would be yellow (Blue became my muse barely two months ago and I am unapologetically in love with her). There I was: just mastering the art of weeping for a […]


Thinking Out Loud….

The ‘Borrow Borrow’ attitude Why do some people like to borrow? Not important things per say ooo… little things that they can easily afford.Now, its not that they will not find reason to use it if they buy it, but they just won’t buy… These things ranges from water,salt, mob, cup, blouse, shoes, etc.I am […]


Pieces Of Reality

From The Upcoming Book: Pieces Of Reality Written By: Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone “King Petty and a Sauce Of Karma” Once I dated a girl.Yes a girl – cos most girls hate responsibility. And there’s apparent need for the ones who fall into this category to mature through rites of passage into women. Belema was cheating […]

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