Month: May 2019


UN International Day Of Families

Growing up, I learnt in Social Studies that a Family is the basic unit of a Society, consisting of the Father, Mother, Children and permit me to add, extended family, especially in the African setting. We all did not choose our families. We were just born into it apparently…lol..I love the Family I was born into […]


Nigeria Suicide Hotline

There has been an alarming rate of Suicides in Nigeria of late. For some reasons, a lot of people has either attempted, contemplated or even “successfully” committed suicide. I will not claim to know or understand other peoples pain and depression, but there is Hope. The Nigeria Suicide Hotline is always ready to hear you […]


Medinomic Health Care Services

 Medinomic’s mission is to Accelerate transition to sustainable Healthcare in the world. Medinomic was founded in 2017 by a Pharmacist who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to get quality healthcare service. Medinomic believes the faster the world stops relying on analog healthcare service and move towards a sustainable technological healthcare delivery system where […]


An Old Flame

AN OLD FLAME Written By : REGINALD AUGUSTUS If you asked them what caused their heart to beat surprisingly fast several decades ago, you would receive the same answer. In fact they would reply without saying a word, and all you would see is their reddening cheeks, and that ever-familiar light in their eyes. An […]

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