8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Breaking Up With Your Partner

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Breaking Up With Your Partner

For certain reasons, you might think ending that relationship is the answer to the stress being experienced in your relationship right now. However, it is expected of adults to make logical, well-thought decisions and not just rash ones that will hurt them in the long run.
It is definitely better to not breakup, than to do it and regretfully wish you could bring it back. Therefore, you must consider the things below before you conclude that a breakup is what is best for you at any particular time.

1. Why do I want to break up with this
Simply because this is what everyone will ask you afterwards. Your friends, your family and everyone who knew you both as a couple.
You have to first sit and answer the question by yourself. How logical, reasonable or convincing do you sound to yourself?

2. Is there a way to work out the issues
you are facing?
You just can’t break up and leave a relationship without trying to fix the problems that you are being confronted with.
You have to really consider ways to reach a resolution, or some sort of agreement with your partner on how to get the relationship on its feet. Ask yourself, have I exhausted all my options? Is a breakup indeed the last option for me?

3. Will I regret the decision?
Right before you break the bad news to them, you might feel reluctant. And even after, you may feel bad for ending things. And it’s just normal. So you need to consider if you will live for a long, long time regretting the decision to split from the love of your life.
If you genuinely know that regret is sure after this breakup, you might want to cancel the idea.

4. What will life be like post-breakup?
Imagining your day-to-day without the person you’re used to seeing 24/7 will no doubt be heart-breaking. Maybe the thought might make you reconsider breaking up.

5. How should I do it?
Even if you are going to leave them after all these considerations, you must still try to be humane about it.

So, ask yourself how you want to make it happen. It’s advisable to choose a way that will soften the blow.

6. What should my choice of words be?
Depending on the reason why you are even considering a breakup in the first instance, you might want to be hurtful with your words, or as gentle as possible. You want to let the other person down as gently but please be as honest as possible and do not sugar-coat the situation.

7. To remain friends afterwards or not?
Some people never want to see their exes again, other prefer to still remain friends with them. Consider how you feel about them. Will it still be cool with you to stay friends with them, or you’d never want to hear or even come across them ever again in this lifetime?

8. What has this relationship taught you?
Leaving someone to whom you have opened the whole of yourself might be hurtful and all that. On the flipside, though, every person you date is a chance to learn a little more about yourself and the things you like or do not like in a partner.

So ask yourself what this relationship has taught you.

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