Burning Bridges

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Burning Bridges

“Burning Bridges” Part LVIII

Love and Relationship: The Redefinition

From Upcoming Book: Pieces Of Reality

Written by Hanamel  Kingston Onyxstone

This piece was written exactly two year ago today. It was a period of brokenness, I doubt I would have been able to correctly piece all these words together without contributions from Doctor Chirota Akazemiah, Chyka Bro and George Loveday.

The Redefinition of love is now manipulative and selfish. The “I, me, myself” syndrome manipulates our selfish interests, and this has turned people into pretenders and hypocrites. You can deny things and hide other emotions, but when you are denied love, the world knows about it; because you walk around hurt – you rant and rave.
We have been deceived at the expense of performance.  Most of us are only running a rat race. True success begins and ends with love and how you respect people’s feelings.

Life and disappointments had me schooled on vital lessons, values and ideologies for survival.
So when people up and leave, I do not fret nor fuss. After all, major relationships end|go downhill because of silly little things that adults should really brush off.
This isn’t ego talking, but I assure you that being with someone like me requires bravery – it’s very easy to hate me after your attraction for my physical appearance sizzles. I’m a downright blunt and irregular person who gets irritated easily by normal seemingly senseless things. A couple of people who know me can relate to this, especially family.

I’d never ditch anyone, because life taught me that cowards have never been known to fight for anything – they bolt at the slightest challenge and discomfort, to search for convenience|greener pastures|fool’s gold.
Call me old-fashioned, but I am relative to people  who believe that someone who is really into you would regardless find ways to adjust and learn the virtues of patience, until things work out. If they want to stay in your life, they will.

  > Digression<
Pardon me, but if you are my partner, I would like for us to grow and not remain static like two rotten lakes. You are not allowed to hurt what we share with your trashy attitudes|habits, neither can you use them as excuses for why you act the way you do.
It is called a relationship. Where you do not get to do any and everything you feel like any longer. You learn to compromise and be considerate. You share your life with someone, so you learn to do all in your power to make things work. And this cannot be achieved by constantly reminding your partner of your own sacrifices and focusing on short-term goals.
Why can partners no longer live their destinies?
It is simple. Because they are too careful of each other.

“Love is not just enough,” you hear people say. What a crying shame! When you say “I love you,” every other thing is inclusive. You need someone who is genuinely willing to work with you on a relationship that you can both enjoy|grow from|make the most of|make a future from. That will have to be a mature partner who wants to build a future – constantly learning the “idea of love,” and is ready to create it with you.

Love is a box, what you put in is what you get back out. You cannot be putting stuff in, while your partner keeps taking and not knowing what to do with them.
Tell yourself the bitter truth. You do not have time for people who do not appreciate or add value to you. Keep it moving.

In the occurrence of such circumstance, I for example stay ready to be available for myself. I am able to keep my head above water and not drown in despondency when people in whom I had invested time and energy, desert me.
I bear in mind that not everyone who love the idea of my personality is matured enough to handle the realities that comes with it. The one for you will stay and weather the storm. It is people who make relationships work, not excuses or silly memes and quotes from quacks.

Painfully true, sometimes the most hate and disrespect come from people in your inner circle, where the support and love is supposed to come from. That is why it is very important to purge yourself of certain people at several phases of your life’s journey, because some people are without substance, therefore, they have expiration dates in your life. Discern who you write your future with – and always use a pencil.

Finally, do not hurt anyone in this life by devaluing them to suit your own selfish ambitions. Never forget little beginnings. Do not trade the one who said they were never going to leave, for the one who just came around. Never make plans with anyone who you do not plan to follow to destination moon.
The impulsive promises you make may be the lifeline they are holding on to. Be careful how you treat people you claim to love. People who take love for granted do not go far, they just keep losing direction and circling mountains. Don’t ever think you are smart when you are hurting love. Trash the entitlement mentality. Be like a river that gives, so you can keep flowing.


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