Great and Stranger Things

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Great and Stranger Things


“Great and Stranger Things”

From the Upcoming Book: Pieces of Reality

Written by Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone

I have seen things in this life.
Last night at 2 AM, I woke up to this loud howling and rush to my balcony. My sister followed suit.

Dude on the ground floor, fondly called “Boobookitty” because of his feminine looks, had cooked marijuana’d goat meat pepper soup.

Now, while snacking and getting high on it with his male partner – partner went all lollipop-licking on him – some hardcore kinky-ass shizni. The kitty dude dashed out of his room naked, screaming at the top of his lungs – his dangling modifier swinging like the pendulum of an antique clock.

In his blind high dash, he ran into a wall and passed out. I watched in utmost bewilderment. Partner revived Boobookitty and he clutched his “Johnnie,” broke into another bout of running and yelping. I laughed hard and long.

The mobile policemen who ensured the security of the apartments’ tenants converged and held booboo down. They doused his organ with iced water – condemning his act.

Kitty said he’d like to die because he was on fire. My visiting sister bluntly opined that I live in a mini-Sodom.

Neighbours were awake to witness the wonders of midnight. Some laughed, many were offended. I simply chose the grey zone of indifference. Las-las this world is not my home, i’m only stranded here with Chi.


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