Literature – Pieces Of Reality

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Literature – Pieces Of Reality

From the Upcoming Book: Pieces of Reality

Written By: Hanamel Kingstone Onyxstone

“Ride or Die”

My friend Laide once had a disillusioned boyfriend – Kenny, who actually felt he was God’s gift to women. She loved him hard and also struggled to deal with men who daily sought her attention, body and heart. Timothy was one of such men who loved Laide madly and selflessly – fully aware of her ride-or-die Kenny. Undeterred, he roamed to-and-fro the boundaries of friendzone – a tarrying prisoner of hope.

Eventually, Laide got wind of Kenny’s philandering. She found on several occasions, used condoms and toilet paper underneath his bed. When she could take it no more, she settled for a confrontation. Man didn’t deny frolicking with other women.

“Isn’t it better that you know about this than I pretend or hide it from you? I’m given to the polygamous nature of men, just like every other. I didn’t ask to be born this way, it’s in my genes to get attracted to other women regardless of my love for you.”

She stood up with a smile, and walked – he didn’t try to stop her. Twenty minutes later she dialed Timothy to meet her up.

“Tim, about your love for me, I think I’m ready to ride with you. You know how it’s been – I’m undeserving of Kenny’s fuckery. He goofed, and is without regrets. There’s no going back to that experimenting and troubled man-boy.”

“Isn’t it too early? Don’t you think you need to rethink this and heal? I don’t want to be your rebound guy,” said a flustered Timothy.

Silence held away for split seconds, before fixing her gaze upon him to speak.

“What, dude you’re not going to chicken out on me, are you? You should celebrate me for pulling outta that mess myself. Listen carefully, I’ll say this just once. I’m not one of them women who gets cheated on, and sinks into despondency – waltzing all over the place as victims, seeking pity-parties. Hell no! I’d never allow an ex that much power to put me in a mental healing room. What am I supposed to be healing from? Their bullshits?”

She locked eye contact with him and continued.

“Yes, I left because I deserve better. Life requires us to get up and keep moving after a fall. I cannot deprive you or myself the privilege of genuine care and love you’ve ceaselessly professed and showered on me. I’m neither desperate nor trying to woo you. I’m but a woman who knows my want, my doings and my identity. So I owe nobody an apology for placing value on myself. Me and Kenny wasn’t my loss. I feed my soul what it accepts. If I thought I’m the traumatized victim of a failed relationship, then I am. But I choose to let ills go and move on without having to deal or dwell on healing. I’m powerful, and you need to recognize this and tell me if you still want to be a part of my life or not”

“Hush! Say no more; I’m all in – action, words, the long haul — everything.”
Timothy blurted, flabberwhelmed.

Till this day, they are still living the best days of happy-ever-after. One day, a year and six months later, Kenny was unfortunate to call her to demand a come-back. The chockabloc mirth in her laughter was all he heard, until he ended the call himself.


Inspiration: Omoteniola Buruji

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