Moringa Oleifera: A Probable Cure for Cancer

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Moringa Oleifera: A Probable Cure for Cancer

Moringa oleifera is a tree that is native to Northern India and can be found spread across Asia and Africa.

Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene as well as proteins. Ayurveda medicine claims that this plant can successfully cure more than 300 diseases.

The moringa plant is excellent for the digestive system as it has plenty of fibers that clean up the excess waste from the intestines. It also includes isothiocyanates that possess anti-bacterial properties that can remove the H. Pylori germs, which is the main reason for ulcers, gastritis and stomach ulcers. 

Only 100 gr. of the moringa leaves contain:
-12 times more vitamin C than oranges;
-17 times more calcium than milk;
-10 times more vitamin A than carrots;
-25 times more iron than spinach;
-15 more potassium than bananas;
-9 times more protein than yogurt

A recent research study has actually shown that if you take in 7 gr. of moringa leaf powder for 3 months can reduce the blood sugar levels by 13.5%.

The plant has anti-tumor and anti-cancer buildings thanks to the activities of niaziminin, a compound found in the moringa leaves. The contents of the plant can manage the thyroid function, even if the thyroid is hyper.

The largest Moringa crop in the world is produced by India – where it grows natively, which may explain the fact that the death rate from pancreatic cancer in India is a stunning 84% lower than in the United States! Furthermore, it is also extensively cultivated throughout Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.

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