Pieces Of Reality

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Pieces Of Reality

From The Upcoming Book: Pieces Of Reality

Written By: Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone

“King Petty and a Sauce Of Karma”

Once I dated a girl.
Yes a girl – cos most girls hate responsibility. And there’s apparent need for the ones who fall into this category to mature through rites of passage into women.

Belema was cheating (sleeping with an Alex) and I mistakenly stumbled upon the lewd texting they had about a quickie in the loo. In confronting her and closely observing her body language – she was riddle with guilt. But this girl was a spectacular breed.

Y’all need to see the way she swiftly recovered from shock and switch on her defence mechanism. She feigned anger and rebuked me for infringing on her privacy. She called it quit immediately, on the premise that I had trust issues and she won’t deal.

I was petriwildered with lumps in my throat. About 3 weeks after her departure, I bumped into her and a dude at the mall – he kept plastering her face kisses while she beamed. I walked up to them. Dude introduced himself as Alex/fiance. A knowing smile danced on my face, as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“You wanted Alex over me, you coulda just said and not play that infringement card. You’re manipulative mennnnn, and that’s low-key evil,” I said to her, loud enough for Alex to hear.

“I’m confused here, what’s going on? You two know each other from somewhere?” He chipped.

“I hope she unconfuses you and not blame you for trusting the words of a stranger over her defence. Have a great life both of you, and overlook my pettiness.” I excused myself – smiling sheepishly.

That evening I deliberately missed 14 calls from a familiar number. I was settling in for the night when I got a text notification;

“Wicked Animal, if you’re a man why don’t you take my call, let me level you to the ground? I want you to know that I hate you with passion for destroying my happiness. I curse the day I agreed to date you. Was it criminal to remain with a man I no longer loved? You fucking cry baby, I hope you’re happy now that Alex called off our engagement? You will die and rot in hell, you and your generation. You’ll never find happiness, and so will your daughters. Get over me for your own good, cos you’ll never find a girl like me. You worthless foolish goat. My God will help me punish you with extreme measures, you motherfucking bastard? If you’re a man, I dare you to reply me. Boy bye.”

I was enraged, I typed a reply and edited.
 Just when I was about to the touch the send button – it hit me. Am I a bastard, a worthless fool, a wicked animal, and all that she has called me? Hell no!
I tapped on backspace, cleared the message. Peace that passeth understanding engulfed me that moment. I drew up my duvet, and slept like a child.


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