Pieces Of Reality

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Pieces Of Reality

From The Upcoming Book: Pieces Of Reality

Written By: Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone

A Letter from June 

Dear Han,

Without much-ado, I would drive straight to the point. As I sit in this coach, headed to the megacity, I can only play vividly our romantic encounter during my 72-hours stay in your condominium.

With all honesty I want to tell it to you from my own view. Oh my! Did you give my pum-pum a reason to be neat. How you always rewarded it with slurpy kisses and tingly bites, beats me. You’d shower it undivided attention, paying it far more homage a queen deserves, and still remind me of how I deserved so much more. The things you did and said to me, remains a mystery still.

Your tact at tantrasutra is subtly wild and ethereal. How you eat me slowly; causing me to burn up with insane want and moanings – in total surrender and satisfaction. Dear lord!

You eat me hungrily; enjoying the juice that drizzle out of me. Boy! I’m always lost in the light intensity, and propensity of our romance. You completely knock out of me every sense of decency and reasoning – whenever we take on this journey of shuddering euphoria.

Your mouth upon my skin is always like lightening bolts, sparking and starring me up. Each part of me comes alive, whenever your magical tongue triangulates every nook and cranny of my pum-pum, bringing to me seismic tremors of pleasure.
The slower you probe, the faster I lose control of my being. I never desire an end to this feeling. And when you retract your tongue and trace it up my belly button, with every intention to pleasure me – then work your way back down, fastening those cute lips of yours upon my clitoral bud. Damn, What are you?!

Ahh! I could perish from this sweetness. I’m just a helpless good girl who knows really bad things – and how to string a couple of words together. I know you may read this and baffle. Oh yes! I write too.

You lick me up so good, that my cumming can best be described as an experiential multiplicity – endless drippings, as your fingers masterfully smother the walls of my pum-pum, causing me to display an extremely rare talent of multilingualism – the utterings of several strange tongues of ecstatic gibberish.
You simply give me trips to a nirvanic shambala.

These words I mutter between laboured gasps, happens to be the drive that keeps you going. Simultaneously, I’m able sync with your overstanding of my own sexuality. You keep my timbers shivering and tickling, until just like, Wilhelm Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold: Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla, you prep me for your entrance – passionately kissing me, and in the most sluggish manner, sliding into me, and filling up every space of me.

Your eyes light up with the glint of an energy bulb, when I grab your firm butt and pull you closer – thrusting you deeper into me. With this act alone my eyelids flutter involuntarily, as I witness a zillion twinkling stars convert my headspace into a bazaar of explosive fireworks. Yes!

And there you’d be, positioned like Khal Drogo, riding Khaleesi – gently, slow, and steady.
With each switching positions we begin to build a levitating momemtum, stretching beyond tepid minutes – Ahhhhhhhh!
As we float through the portal of cloud nine, accelerating into a new kind of dimensional thrust – fast and hard – just how I like it.

Tears of unfathomable joy trickling down my face – inability to control my body – the majestic pounding – my buckling and trembling thighs – a thrilling introduction beyond the boundaries of celestial climax – your guttural grunts, fusing with my shrill screams to create a unified spasmodic explosion.

The aftermath is everything — warm semi-wet kisses lavished upon my temple, holding me so tight, as we skyfall back to earth’s landing.
Your playlist of of Gesaffelstein and Fauntleroy filtering from your stereo.

We lay naked all night, cuddling, professing love, and kissing. You are mine and mine alone – no other deserves us more than us.

-Your forever loyal and madly in love, June.

Copyright© 2019 Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone Egbe. All Rights Reserved
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