The Rape Culture

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The Rape Culture

“The Rape Culture”
Excerpts From the Upcoming Book “Pieces of Reality”
By Hanamel Kingston Onyxstone

Gather round let’s take a selfie!
Now that she is dead, we have converged online to protest and write eulogies of no value to the deceased. Nice!
Why are we always waiting for disaster to strike before we get proactive?
Truth is, our society is no safe haven for little girls and young women. Older women who witness these acts, try to sweep it under the rug, or shame these victims of rape. I doubt anyone is doing anything worthwhile about it, asides the CTA of random NGO’s.
In the face of these ills, we take to our social media to rant and rave about how wrong these deeds are. We cry foul, yet tolerate in the same house, community, workplace, schools, these animals in human hide.
We turn blind eyes when we are indirectly involved, but hypocritically come online to bark.

Take for instance the case where an adult male raped his elder brother’s 3-year old daughter, wife got infuriated and moved to press charges, her mother in-law told her no to involve the authorities because it’s a family issue; wife paid no heed and got ready to go make formal reports, when her husband asked her to chose between her marriage and reporting his brother. She piped down and let it slide.
This here, is the condoning of evil so great and capabile of leaving mother and child traumatised for life.

Why aren’t there stiff and swift prosecutions for the perpetrators of rape?
Why do most of them only get detention, and are free to walk, after greasing the palms of corrupt officials, who are supposed to be upholding justice?
Because there are instances where policemen rape unfortunate young ladies too.
And may I ask why there’s an extremely screaming silence from my fellow men, concerning this matter?

In Rivers State, the rapist of a little girl went scot-free earlier this year. The case died down like nothing happened.
What about the case of the a young girl who lives in the slum beside 3rd mainland bridge? She got raped by her landlord, whom she alleged had charms and amulets around his waist, and made incantations while carrying out this abominable act. Has anyone said anything or tried to arrest him, regardless of the fact that she has been bleeding since the beginning of October, and lost considerable weight?
Come on, we are in no way civilized. A great percentage of Nigerian men are primitive, starting from the ignorant fathers|mothers who against their 9-13-year old daughters’ wish, marry them to old men who are in positions of authority, and supposed to look out for these children. It’s a jungle out here.

Ochanya’s case is not going to be the last!
Until a no-nonsense administration is in place to checkmate individuals who indulge in these monstrous acts – until we get serious about curbing this social menace, worse cases are sure to rear up.
There was a protest for her case, yet very few people knew about it. We have social media at our fingertips yet can’t mobilize a nation-wide protest. We wonder how other countries mobilize their protests and pull a mammoth crowd? Bloody social media!
All we do here is make light every issue, by focusing on the less relevant. If it isn’t a a band of disillusioned youths chanting ATIKUlate, it’s a band of dumplings scribbling about STEW here and there. We have no sense of identity or unity as a country, and are easily brainwashed, distracted and divided by the media. Little wonder we were tagged lazy youths.

My father is from Benue State, my baby sister bears the name Ochanya, while my elder sister is called Elizabeth, coinciding with the names of the deceased. If someone ever laid hands on my sister, I would take the law into my hand, I don’t care if I died in the process(don’t even think of preaching to me). We need to be the elements of justice that we seek for the abused. We can’t keep waiting for the government to serve justice – a government whose arms are long, yet flawed and irresponsible?

I have so much angles to touch on this new culture of rape, but I will rather inculcate it all into my upcoming book. The worse rapists are found online – on Facebook. Ladies, be careful out there. Their tactics includes lacing your drink|food with Spanish Fly, Valium, Tramadol, Marijuana, e.t.c.
Be wary of that dude you trust or call bestie, he’s capable of raping you too. Even pastors rape too (I have a friend who converted to Islam because a pastor raped her).
Remember, no one has any rights to your body, without your consent. Be extremely observant, guard yourself always, and weaponize yourself if possible. I’ve seen broken women, who are never going to recover from rape. ¬©Hanamel

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