The Ultimate Recipe for Liver Purification

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The Ultimate Recipe for Liver Purification

To purify liver is one of the most important tasks in order to achieve good health condition. Most likely the liver is the very important organ into human’s organism because without its proper functioning it is almost impossible to keep other organism functions in proper shape.
Its’ anomalies are dangerous for our digestive system and they could also affect the emotional health. The liver is the only organ which is supplied by blood by two different sources.

Healthy Recipe to Purify Liver and Gallbladder:
*.50 gr of bitter salt(magnesium sulfate)
*.150 ml virgin olive oil
*.200 ml juice of fresh red grapefruit
Choose one day of the week (Friday or Saturday) to perform this treatment to purify liver and keep in mind that the next day after treatment you should rest completely. The day of purification you can eat only breakfast (or lunch) without any fats (for ex. natural juice, wholegrain bread, honey, baked or cooked potatoes, vegetable without oil etc). Also remember not to take any pills or other medications or vitamins.
The timing is one of the most important things here and you shouldn’t be late with treatments for more than 10-15 minutes. Here it is the time schedule for treatment which will help you to purify liver:
14:00 (2pm): Do not eat or drink anything after 14:00 (2pm). If you break this rule the purification could be unsuccessful.
Prepare the bitter salt: put 50 gr of bitter salt (4 tablespoons) into the 600ml of water and mix it well. Split the mixture at 4 equal parts (doses).
17:00 (5pm): Drink the first dose. After it you can rinse your mouth and to drink a half glass of water. Leave the olive oilat the room temperature.
20:00 (8pm): Drink the second dose. Although you haven’t eaten since 14:00 (2pm) you will not feel hunger. Prepare to go to bed for sleeping. As it is noted the timing is extremely important.
21:45 (9.45pm): Put the olive oil and the citrus juice into the bottle and close the bottle tight. Mix the ingredients well. Go to the bathroom few times before you start drinking the juice and oil mixture at 22:00 (10pm).
22:00 (10pm): Drink the mixture of olive oil and citrus juice. Drink it slowly for 5-10 minutes. After it immediately go to the bed and lay down at your left side.
Next morning (but not before 06:00 6am): Drink the third dose with bitter salt. If you feel vomiting you should wait a few minutes and later to drink the rest of the mixture. Go to bed again (lay at your left side).
08:00 (8am): Drink the fourth dose and get back into your bed. After two hours you can drink a glass of natural juice. After half an hour you can eat some fruits. One hour later it is allowed to consume light food. After the dinner you should feel as new!
Successful cleansing! This day you will probably feel more need to go to the bathroom. Do not get surprised if you find some small green stones at the bottom of your toilet! They are real green stones – gallstones! You have removed them by your successful treatment. They will flow at the surface of the toilet water because they are full of cholesterol. Usually the liver is full of such kind of accumulated material which has to be removed in order to have proper and normal function of the liver.
This treatment is recommended to purify liver again after two weeks. This will solve your problems with allergies and it will improve the general health condition. Your sleep will be normalized, you will feel much more energy and it will boost your enthusiasm.
It is very important to know that this treatment shouldn’t be performed in case if you have some acute disease (flu, inflammation, weakness, fatigue etc).
Also, if you are suffering some chronical disease you should consult your doctor first. This treatment is also not recommended for pregnant women and during the nursing period. In any other case – cleanse your liverwith this extremely efficient method and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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