Thinking Out Loud

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Thinking Out Loud

I attended a church service yesterday, and I was disappointed, very disappointed.
Service and love for God has been so monetized and I guess that’s the reason why most Men Of God pray and bless the works of the hands of questionable characters.
Back to why I was disappointed; The Pastor was preaching about something related to prosperity (as many churches now do) and one of his points, his last point to be specific was giving as a part of loving. He said lots of things which I personally didn’t agree with but I was angry when he said serving God with our gifts was easier to “US” and that giving God money was harder, so it should be done because when we love, we give.
He gave examples about the choir and that we all had voices, so, money should always be given to God, because if we say we don’t have, we do not love God.
I stopped listening at this point and started to wonder.. If you or anyone close to you has ever been in the choir, you would know how sacrificing it is. From choir practices to being in church early, to staying off certain foods…the list goes on and on.
I also thought about people who clean the church and those in lots of departments in the church an in front of me, stood a Pastor telling the entire congregation that giving money was more important.
Isn’t his message a recipe for potential depression because some of his flock might take it so personally and think they cannot please or love God?
Does it mean I love God after giving him money gotten through questionable means?
Does this also mean that since the ultimate sacrifice is giving God money, people shouldn’t join departments in Church? After all, they would be too busy chasing money for Gods’ use.
Well there is one thing I am very sure of………; I would never go back there, invited or not.

P.S: I couldn’t leave, because I was invited and His messages are always gravitating towards Prosperity and Success.

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