Thinking Out Loud

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Thinking Out Loud

Personally, I think we all are hypocrites in one way or another. We are so quick to judge and cuss/call out people.
What is bad is bad, no doubt and I am not trying to make excuses but we all seem to see things so differently when it comes to our loved ones or those we benefit from.
True, few people still maintain their stance, but the bashing becomes softer and excuses are made on behalf of their loved ones nonetheless.
Some may claim to be blunt and always tell it as it is without mincing words but they can’t take the heat when the tables are turned.
They speak their ‘Truth’ but degrade other peoples ‘Truth’. Their  ‘Truth’ might even  change after certain experiences.
They go all out and fight when another speaks the blunt truth about them or their loved one. They forget so soon that they might have done so to others. (I am not talking about Karma).
 We are all unique in our different ways.. We all make mistakes and in our judgment of others, we should be able to discern between being unreasonable and reasonable, between hypocrisy and sincerity.

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