Thinking Out Loud….

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Thinking Out Loud….

The ‘Borrow Borrow’ attitude

Why do some people like to borrow? Not important things per say ooo… little things that they can easily afford.
Now, its not that they will not find reason to use it if they buy it, but they just won’t buy… These things ranges from water,salt, mob, cup, blouse, shoes, etc.
I am not talking about siblings ‘borrowing’ stuff but neighbours and not-too close friends.
I was travelling once and I ‘mistakenly’ offered this particular co-passenger my water because she was so thirsty and forgot to buy….(now we all know that water and drinks are sold in parka abi? but she remembered to buy perfume)..
Okay… an Oyeoama that I am, I gave her the water and mistakenly so, as I pointed out… We passed plenty place and opportunities to buy water but she did not. She bought a soft drink instead.
I bought another bottle (bottles actually) of water and was just minding my business when she begged me water again….Na wa o… I gave her anyway….she begged again and again…and she kept buying other things.
i just made up my mind to remind her to buy water in case she forgets again. I reminded her and she said she was okay…she didn’t to drink much.
Well, the next time she asked, I just ignored her and pretended the music I was playing via earpiece was too loud.
I could go on and on. Sometimes I wonder if there is a medical or psychological condition that causes chronic borrowing…

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