Thinking Out Loud……What Happened to Honesty?

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Thinking Out Loud……What Happened to Honesty?

Gone are the days when you can actually be in an ” Honest tight corner” or difficult situation and ask for help. (Or even telling the truth as part of this little story shows).You might just not be believed….and for good reasons too..because The World don spoil.
If we were more honest, it would be easy to be believed.
Let me give you an example: A relative of someone I know (lets say Mama P)came back from the ‘overs’ with some parcels sent by some people to their relatives here in Nigeria. (Mr. A)
Now the thing is that Mama P was mistakenly given a wrong number which of course she didn’t know. So the supposed Mr. A was called and because he was the wrong person, taught he was being scammed. To cut the long story short, they figured he was not Mr. A not before getting thoroughly insulted because it really seemed like a Scam.
There is another story of how someone desperately needed cash via a kind of cashback arrangement from a Bet shop but was denied because they fell victim to ‘Transfer fraud’. it goes to say that this person who had had a genuine transaction with the Bet shop by the way, was very disappointed and sad..
The list goes on….and on….whats your Honest Tight Corner story/ situation?
Please drop your comments and share with us. We would love to hear from you.

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