Three Stars In The Sky

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Three Stars In The Sky

Three Stars in the Sky. 

Part 1

Written By : La Belle

You sit. Anxiously. Staring at faces and grinning ear to ear. You can’t deny the fact that he looks good. Just as handsome as he is in pictures. There’s some calmness in his voice. You giggle when he calls you beautiful. You know you are. Every membrane in your brain is awake as you just sit there- in the car and watch the angry rains pour down in sheets.
You are hungry, scratch that, you don’t feel like eating but your stomach will growl if you deny it its rights. You smile again. Even in the conversation, he listens. He reminds you of him. Him. The one you suddenly left because you thought it was not worth it.
You talk about feminism.
He is skillful to avoid the breakup talk.
You are afraid that you are saying too much. No. Talking too much. You are glad you have to talk: giving out your thoughts to a total stranger who had made communication look like a faux pas for you. 
Yoruba demons. Everywhere. 
He manipulates you to leave your show because it is raining. You do. Like a zombie. You get back into the car, wet. Wet like a hairy dog that lurched into a rain play. What do you know? Nothing. His  metaphysical skills are at work. You just smile.
‘Are you cold?’
You think that’s a pun. 
You’ve got a cold heart already. So, having a cold body was a proper manifestation of how you have been feeling lately….
Alone, drifting away from a dream like love into the scarecrows of realities.
‘How many times did you see him?’
‘Only thrice in a year, five months’
‘Thrice? Wow! He came to see you or what?’
‘He came for job interviews and thought he should see me. So, I was secondary. I only visited once’
‘Oh…. Secondary. Can’t you work things out?’
But you know you are not that kind of girl to work things out. You rather crash them and move on; leaving a message of emotion in your target’s heart.

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