Three Stars in the Sky

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Three Stars in the Sky

Three Stars in the Sky 

Part 2

Written By : La belle

You all drive back to his house. His house! Does that ring an alarm in your ear? House. It is not like you’ve got some sis code but you’ve been so spiritual lately that you want to please Jesus. It is not like you don’t like the idea of a young guy wrapping his arms around you in a duvet but ‘whst will Jesus do?’. You choose to ignore that question because you caused it.
You forgot your transport. Who on earth forgets her own card on the first date. No first meeting?
‘Would you love bread and egg with tea?’ he asks as you both alight the car at a supermarket.
‘No. I’d prefer Afang Soup.’ ouch! The words fly out of your mouth before you could properly construct it. You know that kind of ‘I have got dignity and respect’ construction? Exactly. It flies away from the window of your brains.
You both enter the backseat of the car with hot minced lie and chilldmed Fanta. You are not a fan of Fanta especially when your tongue is dry. The smell of the Earth after rainfall serenades your nose as you both giggle and talk about irrelevant things. The traffic has lessened compared to the one at University Road. You look at him from the corner of your eyes. He is the type you could proudly call a boyfriend or brag about to your friends. You notice that he likes least, he does. The way he refuses to notice your curvy roommate whom he had given a ride earlier convinces you but you know that you have a flat ass. Like Chinese frypan. That’s what mum calls it right? With stretch marks mercilessly crisscrossing the little amount of fat at the Maximus area.
You alight the car again. This time, you both walk into a building. His house. Your sis codes start flying out of your head into your heart.
 Don’t allow him kiss you.
Don’t stay longer than 8pm.
Stay  30 inches away from him.
Make sure your long gown is long enough.
But he calls you ‘beautiful’, ‘amazing’, he talks about his projects and how he became popular in the sports business. You just nod and smile.
You get a change of clothes from his friend’s girlfriend. She is chatty. You talk both about Mozart, Beethoven and Classic books. She attends the same church with you. A stroke of luck. You feel you could start a friendship with her but you trail off that thought….
‘I want to help my parents. My dad is very emotional. He cries if he wants to. My parents are simple folks that need my help urgently. I can’t deal with not being able to help them when they need me’.
You feel sorry but more sorry for yourself because your story is worse. You barely know your dad. Maybe you do. Just the money part of him.
‘You can’t go back to school. It’s past eight. Sleep over, please.’
Your inner eyes are widened. You feel like you have been abducted and the sis codes have lost their relevance. You almost say
‘No, I need to be home. Lord Jesus knows I don’t do well with fine boys’
‘Er…. Okay. No wahala.’
And you’ve got a fine man and the change of clothes for the night. You keep talking and drawing closer. Remember, your light skinned hairy laps are on display in a floral satin shorts. You feel like you are set up.

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