Voiceless: A Play Review

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Voiceless: A Play Review

Compliments of the Season to you all.
Today, we will be reviewing The Play Sabi:Voiceless.
Written by Ibi Kontein and Directed by Dan Kpodoh.
Sabi:Voiceless, which took place at the Law Auditorium in Rivers State University of Science and Technology, tells the Story of  a closet Gay Pastor (Pastor Ajayi), his family and church member. He has been married for fifteen years without a child because he carries out his conjugal duties just once a month and with protection under the guise of fasting and reverence to the Holy Spirit.He has a live-in Lover Sam(a.k.a. Samantha Ojukwu) who he pretends to be his brother
The Play also talks about Chioma and her family who are supposed members of Pastor Ajayi’s Church and how She and her husband are so engrossed in themselves and all around them that they fail to provide emotional support for their children.
Mrs Mfon Ajayi like most typical African women, saves face before everybody by telling sweet tales about her husband and bearing the shame of childlessness all by herself.
Sabi;Voiceless also tackles the issues of Child abuse, idolization of religious figures as well as the pressure on Women in our society in terms of Infertility and Marriage.
The Actors played their roles convincingly but that of Mrs Ajayi and Sam(a.k.a. Samantha, the live-in Lover of Pastor Ajayi) were exceptional .
The costumes and the Set were basic and the Direction was good enough.
There were however lots of draw backs. The Venue was not exactly a wise choice and there were too many technical issues ranging from stage fixing and lateness of the Poets. The Mc(or Host as the case may be), left us hanging most of the time, making the Play slated for 4pm to begin by about 7pm.
It was a little too vulgar and the dialogues were too long. Sabi:Voiceless, however had great content(asides all the hitches) though inconclusive we did not get to know who was responsible for Oma’s pregnancy(Mrs Chioma daughter) or what Her Son was trying to tell her(Mrs Chioma)
Sabi:Voiceless was Ms Ibi Kontein’s first Play as a Producer and Script writer and can be pardoned. It could have been better but I would love to see another of her Play.

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